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PR pros should be naturals at adapting to the changing media and marketing landscape. We’re sharing our key trends that have been the most useful adaptations to bring into 2019.


Amplify Earned through Paid: PR’s are tapping into paid content to amplify their campaigns to increase reach and leverage highly targeted communications through the benefit of digital algorithms blessed to those prepared to pay. This can either be through advertorials, digital and social media advertising and doesn’t need to cost a fortune.


PR led thinking:  This allows for any client program to build mutually beneficial relationships with organizations and its stakeholders.  For example, creating an event that is not only newsworthy but valuable to the consumer and ties back into the brand’s product and message – what we like to call, the brand DNA.


Go little or go home: With Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat dominating influencer marketing channels, everyday people are fighting for sponsorships, free products and services – giving rise to fraudulent activities like buying fake followers, likes and comments and turning people into what we like call, ‘walking catalogues.’

Studies* show the top two sources of trust amongst all generations of Aussies are, ‘recommended by people I know’ and ‘industry experts’. PR pros will connect brands to influencers that have genuine value, engagement and content, which doesn’t necessarily require millions of followers!


Collaboration and Cross Promotion: A union of amplification and influencer marketing, PR’s are on the lookout for non-competing brands to collaborate to tap into new audiences and build brand authority. This can be anything from creating a new product together, gift with purchases, giveaways or simply sharing each other’s content!


With the ever-changing communication platforms, the best PR teams will show you that their skills have wide application to a brand’s overall strategic marketing and management tools.


*Carat Australia 21st Century Trust – Rewriting the Trust equation for the Digital Age

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